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Often all you need is a fresh pair of eyes or an experienced pair of hands to improve aspects of your business. You may be wanting to grow sales, be more efficient, or are wondering whether you could be doing things better for your people or the planet. We can help.

Lofts Consulting brings business development, performance improvement and general management experience from across New Zealand, Europe and Asia, enabling us to take a deeper and broader view of the levers that impact business and social success. We're committed to helping you achieve long term solutions that have a wider, positive impact in the way you operate.



Lofts Consulting is part of a network of specialists with aligned values and a common purpose - to enable businesses to grow through improving performance and delivering sustainable outcomes. 

ANNE LOFTS | Consultant

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With over 20 years leadership and business development experience in New Zealand, Asia Pacific and Europe, I bring a deep and broad view of the levers that impact business success.

My passion is empowering organisations and teams to deliver their vision and strategy, practical programmes that accelerate growth for their business, clients, people and environment.

My open and collaborative facilitation style enables individuals and teams to evolve behaviours and improve long-term performance.  

With a strong background in professional services, I sit on a number of  Advisory Boards providing guidance as they accelerate growth, improve financial performance, manage risk or enhance operational performance.

TIM LOFTS | Consultant

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The 4 Ps of Marketing. We all know about them, but what about the 5th 'P'? That would be 'People'.

In any business - and in its route to market - our customers constantly come into contact with the people who represent our brand. How do they act and respond? Does it reflect our core brand values? Does that interaction reinforce or undermine the brand reputation? Do our people know enough about our brand, its products, the market(s) in which they compete and, of course, our competitors? Have we, as brand owners, equipped them with the knowledge, skills and motivation to succeed?

These and many similar questions are what Performance Improvement is all about. Communication, Education, Motivation and Measurement.

Think that any one aspect can solve your performance problems and you're almost certainly wrong. Get the mix of interactions right and see good results turn into great ones.

Am I passionate about delivering measurable improvements for clients? You bet. Whether the issue is sales, customer service, culture change, getting under the skin of the organisation, gaining insights into the triggers of the performance issues and developing winning strategies to shift the needle is what makes me tick.


Our broad skillsets and industry backgrounds provide an ability to deliver meaningful change quickly and effectively. These include:

  • HR advisory and workforce planning

  • Executive coaching & development

  • Technology tools and digitising processes

  • Governance and structuring

  • Finance

  • Skills training

  • Proposal project management and writing


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